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Java/.Net library Patch Manager

Don't let vulnerability of third party libraries like apache, apache struts etc compromise your application's security.

We continuously monitor and report on your applications usage of vulnerable versions of third party libraries.

We monitor libraries used by your systems like Apache, Guava, newtonsoft, slf4j, commons-lang3 and many more.

How It Works

Our cloud service maintains a comprehensive data base of vulnerabilities of third party libraries. It is continuously updated as new vulnerabilities are published in the web.

Our client integrates with your build system tools to report on the third party libraries used.

Our console reports the vulnerabilities in your system sorted by risk level calculated by combining the risk level of the vulnerability and the critical nature of your software.

Contact us for a demo and a 30 day free trial.

If you have a feature suggestion, let us know in the message. We are happy to listen.

Thanks! Message sent.

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