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Introducing Grit Software

I am Lingesh. I am the CEO of grit software.

I used to work for Microsoft in the AAD team. Here is my linkedin profile.

The mission of Grit software systems:

1. Help architect the consumer and employee Identity and access management solution for the long and short term.

2. Help execute on the architecture.

Many of the enterprises are moving from their on premises identity store to cloud. Some of the reasons we hear are:

1. Cloud providers offer better security. Especially around password management and token minting.

2. Operational efficiency and scalability - Enterprises can focus on their business logic rather than maintaining infrastructure and along the way save on cost.

3. Modernizing the apps to meet business needs. Eg - single sign on across different apps, use open standards so interactions with other systems are possible, better mobile experience etc.

These reasons are becoming more immediate concerns for enterprises eg - Attackers have become more sophisticated, enterprises want to improve productivity of IT and enterprises want their apps to be better than the competition to meet the customer expectation.

Our estimation is that a lot of enterprises are going to be taking this journey in the next 2 years.

Grit software's mission is to help with this.

We do this by bringing our deep expertise in the areas of authentication/authorization using open standards, compliance, and using identity to better marketing outcomes.

We have impeccable recommendations as well!

The blog has many articles about architecting identity solutions. You can reach me at info at gritsoftwaresystems . com

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